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Binzhou Zeli Precision Metal Technology Co., Ltd.founded in 2001 and located in WUDI High-Tech Industrial Districts, is a professional production company specialized in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality investment castings and machined products. Company production bases located in transport facilities, the environment pleasant Wudi County,Shandong Province. Our company possesses advanced CNC lathes, CNCmilling machines, precision casting facilities and so on......


Advanced Techniques

ZELI has developed and produced more than 7000 items in almost 300 kinds of alloy grades
according to standard such as EN,BS,AISI,ASTM,JIS,etc.
We have the capacity to develp 500 new items per year in short lead time.
Ruxnin has a casting tolerance range of DCTG3-6 and surface roughness is Ra1.6-3.2. Weight ranges from 1g to 148kg. The maximum dimension is 1000mm*620mm*380mm and the minimum wall thickness is 0.5mm.

Advanced Productivity

ZELI owns about 300 different items of casting and machining equipment.Most of the critical hightech equipment are imported from Janpan and Taiwan so that the quality reliability can be greatly guaranteed.
Adopted advanced automatic wax processing system and non-vat wax injector and automatic electric steam de-waxing stove so that both wax processing and wax pattern pressing can be semiautomatic.

Advanced Inspection

ZELI has sets of advanced inspection equipment to ensure a reliable control of the product quality from surface to internal,such as Direct-reading Spectrometer,Hardness Testers,Electron Metallurgical Microscope,X-ray Examination,Surface Roughness Detector,Image Measuring Instrument,CMM,etc.

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